About the Course

This course explores the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence (AI) as it relates to the human-machine perspective in business and commercial applications. Foundational and application-oriented modules within the course provide an in-depth knowledge base helpful in building and understanding intelligent, innovative, and effective AI solutions to human-centered problems. These pioneering AI strategies help serve professionals in manufacturing, healthcare, defense, and other high-tech industries.

Our flexible online course leverages IHMC’s world-class talent and covers specialized topics beyond what you may find in a typical AI curriculum. The course’s 10 modules can be completed at your own pace and include videos, suggested reading materials, and short assessments.

After the successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a certificate certifying your achievement.

Who Should Take This Course?

Artificial Intelligence Solutions: An Introductory View from a Human-Machine Perspective is aimed toward beginners and professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge of AI, including data scientists, sales and marketing representatives, defense and government analysts, healthcare professionals, software engineers, IT/security experts, and more.

About IHMC

The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition is a not-for-profit research institute in Florida’s state university system. We research human-centered computing, and researchers in our organization study technologies that leverage and extend human capabilities.

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Learn more about IHMC and our research, including artificial intelligence, cognitive science, humanoid robotics, and more.

Course Instructors

Meet Bonnie Dorr, Ian Perera, and Arash Mahyari – the scientists who teach the course.

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